Thursday, June 15, 2006

Joyce, Xan's co-worker at Medco, shared a set of photos of the new litter of kittens with us. We picked the dark tortoise-shell colored one--she seemed the most active and alert in all the pictures. Then we waited for her to be old enough to come live with us. In the photo at left, she's about two weeks old.

On our drive to Chicago for Xan's birthday we tried to pick a name. Xan suggested Jess-Belle, which is Anne Francis' character's name in a Twilight Zone episode about a woman who turns into a cat as a nasty side-effect of bewitching a boy to love her(in case anyone's forgotten, we're nerds). I thought it was a good suggestion, so Jess-Belle it was!

On May 28, Joyce brought little Jess-Belle to our apartment and it was love at first sight for the little furball. Jess-Belle seemed to feel comfortable in our home right away--exploring, running, climbing, jumping on everything. Shortly after Joyce left, the little girl was sitting on our laps and napping on the sofa, not hiding as we'd feared. After the nap, however, came the night crazies.

She spent the whole night doing laps around the bed, burrowing under the covers, trying to eat our feet, and crawling between the mattress and the wall where she found the power cords to our alarm clocks infinitely interesting. We spent the night screaming "Ow!" and trying to keep her from electrocuting herself.

Now, three weeks later, Jess-Belle's just as energetic but slightly calmer at night. She's eating well and growing before our eyes. She'll be full-grown in no time, it seems, but for now we're loving having a kitten around the house.

While I still plan to write in detail about some past events I haven't covered in the recaps(concerts, conventions, festivals and road trips), I think that pretty much brings this blog up to date.

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