Monday, August 07, 2006

More Comics Stuff
Here are two of the final three Tom Strong drawings I'll be doing. These are the front and back covers for the 6th Tom Strong Hardcover collection. The front cover may look a little bare, but it'll be composited with a psychedelic photographic background and serve as the basis for a color painting by another artist. The final drawing, which I haven't done yet, will be a new front cover for the 6th and final softcover collection.

(Remember--you can click on almost any photo or piece of art on this blog and you'll be taken to a larger image than you see here. Roll your mouse over the lower right corner of the new image and a little square icon with arrows will appear. Click on that icon and you'll usually get an even larger version to look at or download!)


Hiroshi said...

Right on! Right on! The best ones yet! (I know I say that everytime... but "IT'S TRUE" everytime!) But please don't call them "the final Tom Strong drawings" 'cause that just bums me out beyond words...

Chris & Xan said...

Hi, Hiroshi--
Bums me out too...Tom Strong was a blast! It did have its ups and downs, but I've never felt more suited to a job and I've never been more attached to characters I worked on than I was to the Strong family and their supporting cast.