Friday, July 20, 2007

Return Trip
Mom, Dad and the grandkids stopped overnight on the way back home after their marathon three week road trip out West. Dad and I tried to wear the grandkids out with a walk around the neighborhood after dinner(didn't work). Xan's parents came over later, and while the grown-ups talked downstairs, I doled out geeky toys(Star Trek communicators and a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver) and took the kids up to our "music room" so they could play and dance and jump around until they finally collapsed from exhaustion a couple of hours later. It sounds like everyone had fun, and we were happy to host them all on their final night away from home!
Shannon, Brittany & Aaron: getting crazy in the music room

Don't ask me...

Shannon plays with the off-screen Jess-Belle

The energy finally runs out!


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Neil Hill said...

Those poor kids played with geek toys so darned much, they collapsed in a complete sugar rush come down! :-)

I guess that's one of the fun things about being an adult who plays with toys. When kids come over they love your house, because there are a ton of things to play with!