Sunday, August 19, 2007


Okay, not really, but it was the Ohio State Fair. This year we went later in the day than we usually do, but even though the sun was going down it was still super mega hot. As much as we love fair food, we barely ate any because the heat was so bad that it made us a little nauseous. But Chris had a brat, and I had what was called a roast beef sundae, seen pictured below. It sounds gross, but it was really just a "tastie fake" as I once heard on The Simpsons. It is basically roast beef and mashed potatoes and gravy creatively arranged to look like a sundae and a cherry tomato on top to complete the illusion. It was a hell of a lot of food, and to be perfectly honest, it was damn good. It was kind of nice to have actual food at the fair. This was like a pot roast dinner in a bowl, and I would get it again.

I thought about getting a funnel cake or some mini donuts, but it was so hot the idea of sugar was too much, so the only sweet fair treat I had was the bag of cotton candy that I took home with me. One of the food vendors was advertising "Deep Fried Coca Cola" but the line was too long to just go up and ask, "What the hell?" It looked like it was a cake mix made with Coke, but I was not about to find out.

Even though the food was a bust, the fair shopping was fantastic this year. Once again I passed up one of those cat bags (seriously, you put your cat in a fabric bag with a headhole rather than a carrier) since I wasn't really sure how Jess-Belle would react to it. I finally bought some soup from that Darby Creek soup and dip maker, and I made the Country Potato tonight and it was really good. I of course went through the bulk candy mazes, since being non-chocolate, the old fashioned candies are pretty much all I can eat, and these candy mazes have tons of it. There was also a dealer of purses made from record covers, so I now have a Tom Jones Live In Las Vegas purse.

And this year was the year of Pez! It started with the bulk candy dealer who sells Giant Pez having a special edition pearlescent stemmed General Grieveous. Since the special edition Giant Pez have soundchips that spout dialogue, I had to get that. The dealer is, and he always has great Pez. Then when we finally made our way to the collectibles pavillion at the 11th Ave. end of the fair, I noticed that Colleen's Collectibles had more Pez than usual. Turns out, they just bought a collection from someone a few weeks prior, so I got myself a bagfull of Pez, including The Smurfs. So I got tons of Pez I didn't have, and I didn't have to pay for shipping. But now, I need to photograph the collection again.

So another summer, another fair. I regret not getting a funnel cake now. I wonder if the ones IHOP makes are any good...

Sundae dinner.

The rain didn't cool anything off, but the rainbow was beautiful.


Steve-O-72 said...

Deep Fried Coca-Cola? Man, is there anything that can't be deep fried anymore...?

Neil Hill said...

Gotta love a Fair, right? Me, I haven't really attended a decent one since I was a kid living in Washington State. However, this could be colored by the fact that I was much younger than and didn't perceive the fact that most Fairs are a huge rip-off for the parents.

Anyway, sorry for that rant. Glad you two had a lovely time. :-}