Saturday, September 01, 2007

Comics Update

This is my final Midnighter cover. As a matter of fact it's my final work on the Midnighter series. I decided to quit the book for various reasons a month or two ago, even though I've been considering it for far longer. I briefly considered doing work for Marvel, but Wildstorm offered me a project I just couldn't turn down. The good news is that we've begun the new project almost a year in advance of it's first issue shipping date--this thing WILL be on time! It's also just an amazingly fun book to draw, and the scripts are fantastic--very exciting! The bad news is that I have been asked not to talk about the specifics or show anyone any artwork until the project is announced in November or December. So, it'll look like I've dropped off the face of the Earth for a while, as far as my presence on the racks at comic shops goes. I'll be working away feverishly on this new thing, though, and I'm looking forward to finally showing off some of the new art I've been producing!

In other news, an actual big-time Hollywood studio has "set up" Ocean--not 100% clear on what that means, but basically it appears this studio has actually committed to making the movie with the Hollywood Gang production company(the guys who purchased the rights to Ocean). I'll give more details when the paperwork is signed and I actually know something concrete. And for those of you expecting me to pick up the dinner check at the next convention or give out really nice sportscars for Christmas presents, I should mention that absolutely no money has changed hands yet. I'm still just a starving artist.

Finally, if you're in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area next weekend(September 7-8), come see us at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Here's a link so you can get directions and a little more info on the convention.
This will be the last con I attend for a while (Mid-Ohio Con in November is the real last one I'll do this year). Like I said above, I can't show anything from the new project, but I'll have lots of other artwork for sale and display, and--as always--will be happy to talk comics, movies & music or just shoot the breeze with folks I haven't seen in long time.


Neil Hill said...

To be blunt my friend, this comes as great news (your departure from Midnighter, that is). As I've mentioned to Xan, I'm not a huge fan of you working on a darker more morose title such as Midnighter. If I may be so bold, I don't think it suites your strengths at all- which is a certain jovial and optomistic "lightness" that is more suited to something along the lines of Tom Strong than darker fair like Midnighter. After all, there are plenty of Darick Robertson/Liam Sharp style artists who revel in the more visceral- heads being separated from bodies- style of art. You...I can't completely put my finger on it, but that's not where you shine.

Although I completely agree that you should be able to stretch your artistic muscles in whatever direction suites your interests, I'm very glad that you're moving on from Midnighter.

Also, great news about the movie stuff! I hope it works out for you completely and makes you and Xan incredibly wealthy! :-}

Fogger said...

I will be sad, but mostly because I like Midnighter and I like your art, not necessarily because I link you and the character. Heck, I'll check out just about anything you do.

Udanax said...

geez neil, i think i am going to have to disagree with you there. after seeing the last page of chris sprouse issue of global frequency, i think he made it clear that his style is suited for just about anything. besides, he can't work on golden and silver age homage work forever! i've also seen the work he puts into every project, so he shines on everything if you ask me.

after all, toth did some nice work for gold key's twilight zone books. when you can do gloop and gleep and horror, you rock in my opinion.

Neil Hill said...

Boy, after re-reading my comments about Chris leaving Midnighter I made it sound like I didn't like Chris on that book. To put things more appropriately (and hopefully soften the sharp edges of my stupidity), I'm sorry to see Chris leave Midnighter of course, as I love his work on that book, but I tend to like his work better on books that are a bit more light-hearted, such as Tom Strong.

I'm probably still not making much sense, but I just wanted to clarify that I have nothing against Chris' work or his right to test his abilities in any medium he chooses.


Fredrik Sibe said...

Um, sort of have to agree with Neil Hill there. I loved Chris's work on Supreme, Tom Strong, and Ocean, but Midnighter as a character just leaves me cold.
Chris, sounds like you're really jazzed about your new project, which is great news! I look forward to finding out what is!