Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Art!

I still can't write about the main project I'm drawing, but I finally have had a enough spare moments after working on that secret stuff to finish something I CAN show. Several months ago, comics writer Todd Dezago called and told me he'd like to interview me for a Modern Masters book. For those who aren't familiar with Modern Masters, it's a series of lavishly illustrated books covering the work of various artists in the comic book industry. Each volume contains interviews and loads of rare and previously unseen artwork. Many of my faves (Garcia-Lopez, Kevin Nowlan, Bruce Timm) and a few of my idols(Michael Golden, Walter Simonson) have been covered, so I'll be in good company. I'll state for the record right now that I don't consider myself modern nor a master of anything, but if they want to do a book on me, and all I have to do is answer questions and open up the Plankton Studios art vaults to the editors, then what the heck...Honestly, I have so much unpublished artwork laying around that I'd toyed with the idea of publishing a book myself for sale at conventions...Now someone else can do it for me! That's how I'm looking at the Modern Masters book--primarily as a way to get a bunch of rare art out there, with a little bit of "how-to" behind the scenes stuff thrown in with all the "greatest hits" kind of material the book will surely showcase.

Anyway, above is the cover I've come up with for my volume of Modern Masters, whatever volume that may be--it's still a long way off. The piece features the characters I've worked on that I'm most associated with, including Tom Strong, Supreme, the Legion of Superheroes and Midnighter. Enjoy!


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Strangewingz said...

Wow! This is so cool. Congrats, Bro! How long do you think til this is published?

Fogger said...

Nice cover! Maybe I'll buy it at Mid Ohio. ;)