Friday, January 25, 2008

Apparently more people are reading this blog than I realized... ...including someone at DC Comics who has asked that I stop posting artwork from Number of the Beast until after it's been seen publicly elsewhere. So, to play it completely safe and until or unless I hear otherwise, when I post NOTB artwork I'll only be posting sketchbook material which will never be published in the series or anywhere else. I'm sure someone will let me know if this is a problem as well. For now, here are some of my earliest Number of the Beast sketches from last summer...I hope they'll make up for the missing three character designs which will probably turn up someday on Newsarama before finally being published as bonus material in the backs of the individual issues(that's the plan, anyway).


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THEdave said...

I'm with you Chris.

As far as I'm concerned why not build anticipation by supplying people with something to get excited about, instead of strategic hype and dropping a cover image 5 months ahead of time with ambigious copy attached.

I'm more excited about the project now that I've seen these sketches.

Power to the Sprouse!