Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Kids In The Hall
Sunday Xan and I had a very rare(these days, anyway, thanks to my schedule) night out. We saw The Kids In The Hall at OSU here in Columbus. They did all new material, yet many skits/bits featured old favorite characters such as Buddy Cole, Gavin, the Chicken Lady and the Head Crusher(the last two are my personal faves from the TV series). The night wasn't completely funnybook-free, as we ran into friends Dave Aiken and Andy Bennett in the lobby after the show and talked comics and illustration for a while. After saying goodbye to Dave and Andy, we were able to meet the five Kids In The Hall, snap some photos and get some autographs! Below is a pic of my favorite girl Xan with my favorite Kid, Mark McKinney(creator of the aforementioned Chicken Lady and Head Crusher). Check out Xan's MySpace page for more photos from that night.


Xan & Mark McKinney from The Kids In The Hall

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Fogger said...

I always liked the Trappers, and for some reason my friends and I thought that Night of the Cow was one of the funniest things we'd ever seen. Didn't know they were touring - very cool!