Thursday, October 30, 2008

Art for Sale!

I just created a second blog site where I'll be selling original comic book art from throughout my career. Check it out HERE or through the top link on the right side of this page. You'll find everything from Tom Strong pages to Number of the Beast layouts for sale, including lots of unpublished finished and unfinished pencil art(jpegs provided) as well as a few surprises. If you see anything you want to buy, there are instructions in the first post at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

PlanktonPod Playlist Update
I was hanging around with con and concert-going pal Dave Aikins recently, and I mentioned we'd be going to see Dean & Britta at the Wexner Center here in Columbus next month. Dave claimed to have never heard of Dean & Britta or their previous band Luna, not to mention Dean Wareham's first band, Galaxie 500. Voila! Instant idea for a new playlist: an introduction to Luna and Dean & Britta. This one's for you (again), Dave!


Kyle Latino said...

Dude! The new Tom pages look GREAT. Robot's of Doom?! I'm so there! I love to see Tom and his bro working together.

Happy Octoberween!

dave aikins said...

Ya know, I have heard of Luna & Galaxy 500, but I was soooo into 4AD music in the late 80's early 90's that I felt Luna was just a 4AD johnny-come-lately and never got into them. Andy, on the other hand, Loves them so much he named his dog Luna.
so there.
Halloween was awesome with Adam. He made a great Superman! Hope you guys had fun!

Chris & Xan said...

Hope I didn't insult you, Dave--I must have misunderstood! Tell Andy to get down to the Wexner Center on Nov. 20 and feel free to join him--it should be interesting!

dave Aikins said...

I was thinking of Lush, not Luna.
Andy likes Lush.
I guess that measn that while I've heard of Luna, I'm am in fact clueless.
Oh well...