Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mid-Ohio-Con 2008
Whew! The con was exhausting this year! Under new management and in a new venue, Mid-Ohio-Con was possibly even busier and more crowded(on Saturday at least) than in years past. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I started to get a wicked headache that wouldn't let up about half way through the day. Anyway, I started the show drawing onstage for about an hour for a charity auction(don't know how the piece did in the auction). Then it was off to the booth to sign and sketch. Fans got a sneak preview of my newest project, and the reactions were uniformly positive(more details soon)! My sister Megan and her son Aaron and his friend EJ showed up around noon and seemed to have a blast at their first comic convention. My headache was ramping up to full bore by this time, so I apologize if I was surly or brusque with anyone who met me. I did sketches for everyone I could fit in and talked with lots of really nice people. That's one thing I like about Mid-Ohio-Con in particular: the people attending seem to all be friendly and very easy to talk to. Xan arrived after she got off work and she was off filling in huge chunks of her Gold Key Twilight Zone collection in no time. No big dinners or get-togethers for us that night since I felt so bad--we just went home and crashed.

Sunday was quieter and lots more fun for me--I was well-rested for a change and had no sign of a headache! I
had several long conversations with fans and did much better sketches than on Saturday. Xan found a Star Wars rancor figure she'd been searching for high and low for years, and I even got in some shopping and lunch--two things I almost never get at cons! Highlights of the con for me: talking with fans and the copies of the really neat Mice Templar comic given to me by my booth neighbor, writer Bryan J. L. Glass.

Thanks to everybody who came out and said "hi!"
and thanks to Megan for the first two photos below!

Sketching for EJ

Aaron and EJ look like they could take this Vader...

That's my girl!



Doc Shaner said...

I'm really glad I got a chance to go over and meet you Chris. I enjoyed looking through the stuff you had at the table and I'm looking forward to that project you mentioned now that I have an idea of what it is.

Oh, and thanks for the Captain Marvel sketch. I've got a scan of it if you'd like it.

Kyle Latino said...

Wow, what a thrill to meet you at the con, Chris. I'll definitely have to look up MIRCONAUTS. And thank you, Xan, for coming by. It was a real nice thing to do, and you didn't have to.

I didn't want to ask you two for feedback on CASHMILLION KIDS at the con, because you can't get good feedback by putting someone on the spot. But I would like to hear anything you have to say about it, even if it's, "Work harder, kid. Ya stink."

Parzival418 said...
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Parzival418 said...

Hey Chris,

Wanted to say thanks, it was a great weekend and a great show. Love the replacement Captain Marvel sketch you drew for me. Doc, I'd love to see a scan of your Cap as well!

JohnPopa said...

Hey Chris

Thanks again for the Shrinking Violet sketch you did for me Saturday morning -- and, don't worry, you weren't at all surly :)


John Popa

Johnny Sarcastic said...

I hope this isn't a "cat out of the bag" situation, but my heart skipped several beats when I read this:


First statement, "Hogan's Hero..." I hope it's true! The more Sprouse, the better.