Sunday, December 14, 2008

Non-Work Update
I've been posting pretty much nothing but work-related stuff lately, so here's a little photo guide to what Xan and I have been up to in our off time. Comic fans need not worry--my next Superman-related cover comes out this week, so I'll probably post some more art on Wednesday.

Xan and I hit a Pittsburgh toy show in October. We had a nice long talk with guest actor Ray Park(Darth Maul) and delivered a sketch promised to him when we saw him at Dragon Con in Atlanta a few years ago. On the way out, Xan posed with the life-size Lego Spider-Man(above).

We also made it to a few more concerts. First up was Joe Jackson at the Southern Theatre in downtown Columbus...

...then we saw Dean & Britta (formerly of the band Luna) performing "13 Most Beautiful" at the Wexner Center as part of a big Andy Warhol multimedia exhibit. The band accompanied thirteen Warhol "screen tests" with live music, including a couple of Luna rarities, a Velvet Underground cover and several new compositions. If you look really closely, you can see Xan and myself in the front row, down at the bottom edge of the photo above. The photo was taken by Kim Rottmayer, and you can see more of Kim's photos from that night at Picture The

The very next night, Xan and my sister Megan enjoyed themselves thoroughly at the AC/DC concert at the Schottenstein. Xan reports that it "rocked (her) face!!!"

My family, including my brother Mike and his wife and kids, spent Thanksgiving weekend in Ohio. We showed Mike around Columbus a little, but mostly everyone gathered at Megan's house where we looked at old photos and talked into the night. Above, Mike horses around with his daughters Shannon and Brittany.

A week later, the Sprouse family gathered again, this time to help my parents move. It was bitterly cold and thoroughly exhausting, but I have to admit, it was good getting to see everyone so much this year. The photo shows Megan and her son Aaron, slap-happy and punch-drunk during a dinner stop on the way back to Ohio.

The little Belly-Girl's been busy, too. Here she works on her Jabba the Hut impression with her own little Salacious Crumb toy...

...and here she is assisting me as I try to repair some action figures. Kung-fu Grip is no match for Jess-Belle's mighty paws!


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