Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Superman #683

The next of my Superman covers (Superman #683) hits comic shops this week--Friday, I think...Above is the final piece with colors once again by Laura Martin. Below you'll find a jpeg of the pencil art. What you'll also find below is a photo from exactly three years ago--New Year's Eve 2005, about this very time of night. Xan snapped it a few minutes after I finished what I thought would be my very last Tom Strong drawing ever, the final page of Tom Strong #36--a full-page shot of the Strong family waving to their fans and supporters. A weird night--the rest of the country was gearing up for celebration, but I was feeling a strange mix of the relief I always feel when finishing a job and utter sadness over the end of Tom Strong and my cat Max's failing health. Like I said, weird night. Now on the last night of 2008, things are looking a little more I type these words, I have a cute little tortoise-shell two-year old cat on my lap and hope to soon have some Tom Strong news to report. Stay tuned! Hope everyone's new year gets off to a good start!

PlanktonPod Playlist Update
I took down the Xmas songs and added a bunch of new stuff. The new playlist is made up of two of my favorite musical discoveries of 2008. First up is the work of Dave Derby. Derby was the leader of a 90's band called The Dambuilders before he went solo, and now he's the singer/songwriter behind a group called Gramercy Arms, sort of an indie-supergroup which also has ex-Luna member Sean Eden on guitar. Gotta love the homage to "Beth" by Kiss in "Even Further Behind!" Then I added music by a group that started off as The Greenberry Woods, a Maryland band who recently evolved into Splitsville. I cannot get the Splitsville songs I've selected out of my head this week--but that's a good thing in this case, not like when some TV ad jingle gets stuck in your brain--and I just adore "Super-Geek!"



Duy Tano said...

New Tom Strong News? Are they going with the Top Ten Season Two route and having you write it? 'Cause that'd rule! Can we expect similar news for the rest of the ABC line? Can you say jumping the gun?

Kyle Latino said...

Happy New Year, guys. Last year was terrible to begin with, but it got better in the second half. The biggest thrill was getting to meet the two of you. Kick Ass!

I think I say it every time I post here, but I can't wait for the new TOM STRONG. It's the only book I'm anticipating more than the next ROCKETO.

dusty abell said...

New Tom Strong would be the best news i've heard in an age............that character and you drawing it could just go on forever in my book and i'd be the happiest guy in the room, fingers crossed.

guido said...

I do miss Tom Strong. My fingers are crossed, too.

Rich Faber said...

Been a REALLY long time, Chris, but I recently found your blog, and wanted to say hi. I love the Superman cover! Looking forward to the Tom Strong announcement too. Hope to talk to you soon. If you want, you can reach me through my website: Please drop me a line, if you have a chance.