Sunday, June 14, 2009

Modern Masters Preview
My volume of Modern Masters is listed on the TwoMorrows Publishing site (Click HERE) as shipping on June 26. For those of you who want a preview, HERE's another link, this time to Todd Dezago's blog. Todd conducted the interview with me that makes up the text of the book, and he's reprinted an excerpt from that interview on his blog. Thanks, Todd! For those who don't know, Todd is the writer and co-creator of the wonderful Tellos and Perhapanauts comics, two series well worth checking out.


It looks like the publication date for this book has been pushed back again--now the Two Morrows site is showing July 10 as the date Modern Masters vol. 21 will be in stock.


Hiroshi said...

Thanks for the heads up! Two copies reserved at my comic store, one for the collector freak in me, the other to read the heck out of. I'm really looking forward to the interview and to seeing all the "new" old artwork!

SCMacNeil said...

Thanks for the update, Chris -
I don't mind waiting a LITTLE longer...

but only a little.

Looking forward to the new Tom Strong, too!