Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goofy Stuff
When we watch a TV show or movie with a scene that takes place in a comic book store,
Xan and I will usually scour the background of the scene for comics I've drawn. It feels a bit narcissistic, I'll admit, but I'm pretty certain I'm not the only comic book artist who does this...Anyway, many years ago, I spotted an issue of Legionnaires on a coffee table in an episode of Roseanne, and that was pretty much it for a while. Then last month, Xan and I spotted the cover of my Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye adaptation in the comic shop in the film Fanboys. See for yourself--it's the second comic down on the far left of the screencap below:

Today, while watching the second season of Big Bang Theory on DVD, Xan picked out the second Tom Strong paperback collection on a shelf in one scene. It's just to the left and behind Raj's head in the following screencap:

Again, a little self-centered, but it always provides a cheap little thrill. Plus, for all I know, this may be the only time anything of mine ever ends up on the big or small screen!

One final note for this post: I just updated my art blog, SprouseNet Art Emporium, so that it's current as far as what's still available after the Aviles festival. I lowered some prices on some pages and provided an art sales-only email address for easier purchasing as well--buyers won't have to bother with MySpace anymore. I'll also be bringing all of the art pictured to Mid-Ohio Con in a few weeks, so you can check out the artwork in person there.


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