Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wow! This morning DC Comics announced the project I'm working on at this very moment, the first issue of a Batman mini-series called The Return of Bruce Wayne. Click HERE to read an interview with the project's writer, Grant Morrison at USA Today's website. When I have some art I can share I'll post it here. I'll probably be doing a interview soon and I'll post a link when it's up.


SCMacNeil said...

Dang! Now my comment on the other thread is in the wrong place!

Can't wait to see the book -- I've been waiting for a full-length Sprouse Batman comic for quite some time! :-)

Kyle Latino said...

Holy crap! That's great news! This is your first time back to Batman since the Two-Face annual story, isn't it? And if that wasn't enough, Grant Morrison is writing, oh happy day!

Kwinnky said...

That was fast. Not that I have any problem with it. Love to see where the story goes.

P. Brower said...


Sorry to leave this here but I don't know how else to contact you. We're interested in bringing you out to Chicago for a signing. If you'd like to talk more about it, you can reach me at
Thank you.
Patrick Brower
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smoky man said...

great! :)

Hiroshi said...

Wow! That's really exciting news! I can't wait for it to come out!

Anonymous said...

Great News! Can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris,

I have a question for you! Sorry to post here, but I didn't see any other contact link.

I am a Legion fan looking for some background on a piece of art you did some time ago. See it at:

It was sold by a woman named "Ann." Can you tell me more about this project? How old is it? Was it shelved in light of Final Crisis? Was this a 30th century character, or 21st?

Thanks in advance...

Chris & Xan said...

Hi, Mike-
The character shown is Kid Quantum, not Kid Eternity, and almost everything the person named Ann told you about the piece is wrong! At first I thought this was a layout or preparatory sketch, but the blue pencil and the non-photo blue text as found along the edges of every piece of DC Comics art board made me realize that this is my self-rejected pencil art for the first page of Legionnaires #11 from 1993(the issue has a cover date of Feb. '94, which means the art was drawn in late '93). I often reject my own pencil art for various reasons, usually because I don't like all of or just a particular part of the drawing or I just have a better idea. Because I used very hard lead back then and had a tendency to bear down hard on the pencil, it was just very difficult to erase my pencils, so I started over on a new piece of paper and traced anything I DID like from the first drawing using my trusty lightbox. As for why I rejected this first attempt, my best guess is that I didn't like the shading on his face and in the background. The web image you linked to looks a little vertically squished(or horizontally stretched), possibly done when the art was being sized for use on the web, but if the art really looks like that in person, then I probably rejected it because the figure looked too wide and stocky (my money's on the web image being stretched). Anyway, the note at the bottom was just something I wrote to describe the action on the page, something I did a lot, either because I was working from a plot instead of a full script or just because I was insecure about my own storytelling abilities and felt the need to explain what I had drawn.

The book did come out and i was paid for it too, by the way! I hope this clears it up!

Thanks, Mike!

Unknown said...

Wonderful news. It sounds like a really exciting project, reinventing Batman in different time periods. I'm glad he's not dead.