Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #3 Cover Art

The official Wildstorm blog has posted the cover for Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom in color, so I'm posting it here! You can scroll down for a look at the pencil art. Issue #1 will hit stores June 2nd.

As noted on this blog many times recently,
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 is out this week. I'm in Chicago right now for a signing tomorrow at Challengers Comics. I've been assured by my editor on the book that the comic is in fact arriving on time...I sure hope so--it'll be pretty embarrassing if I'm sitting there with nothing to sign!



Unknown said...

I was able to see you at Challengers in Chicago yesterday, but could only stay long enough to watch you draw a bit (which was awesome, btw). I wondered if you could mention a bit about your favorite had a really effective looking pen-brush & a technical-looking pencil.

It was cool of you to chat a bit on the DC Boards recently, too...RoBW #1 was excellent!

Chris & Xan said...

Thanks, Matt! The Challengers signing has left me dazed! So many people and such good vibes, overall! Thanks for coming by, but sorry you didn't get to stay longer.

The brush pen I was using was something I grabbed in a hurry from a booth at a Kansas City convention i did recently. My other markers had run out and I needed something quick. It's a Copic Multiliner SP Brush pen, and I only intend to use it for sketching, but it's an excellent little pen! For my regular inking (on the rare occasions when I ink) I use rapidograph technical pens of various sizes and whatever red sable watercolor brushes I have laying around for filling in black areas and adding some life to some lines. For a rundown on my pencilling tools (including the pencils I used at the signing), see this post:

The only change I've made is that I've ben using HB lead instead of H since finishing Number of the Beast because it's just far easier to find in a pinch.


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the info! You made drawing look very easy this last Wednesday. I'm using bic mechanical pencils and micron pens on printer paper, which I imagine is a world away from using the proper tools for the job.

I hadn't heard of the Tom Strong books before, but I think I'll be picking up some trades soon, based on the excellent stuff in RoBW.