Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toronto Panel Audio Posted

While attending the Toronto Fan Appreciation Event as a guest this past weekend, I did a panel discussion/lecture kind of thing called "From Panel to Page." I discussed my working methods and creative thought process, prompted by a great moderator and his slide show of several prelims and layouts. While you can't see the slide show, you can listen to an audio recording of the "lecture" posted at Click HERE and scroll down towards the bottom of the page.



Saralukies said...

I'm sorry I missed this, Chris! Stupid traffic situation! Hope you had a good time in the city, sorry I didn't get to see you. Xan tell you about our marathon "Camelot Junior" game? Yeah, that's about as exciting as it gets, around here.

Hope you guys are well. Love you!

Udanax said...

i LOVE camelot junior! i should look on for my own copy!