Saturday, August 21, 2010

Checklist Page Now Up!
I just added another site to the SprouseNet family of blogs: The Chris Sprouse Checklist.This site began as a post on this very blog several months ago, but I decided it would be easier to keep the whole mess updated if it was a separate entity. The new site consists of an alphabetically arranged list of all my published comic work as well as a list that's chronologically arranged. There's also a section for upcoming work complete with on-sale dates. Check it out HERE (or click on the link in the "Links" section)! In case this all seems like the narcissism-flavored icing on a self-involvement cake, well, I'm the kind of person who makes lists of everything and an obsessive collector to boot, so I already had the source material on my computer and thought it might be useful to someone out there. Plus, I figured that anyone reading these words has some interest in my work or is related to Xan or myself. If you aren't interested in Xan or me or my work, then why are you reading this?! Life is short--go away and read about something or someone you do like!


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