Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digital Comics

A few comics I've drawn have recently been released digitally (officially). They're readable on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch models if you have the DC Comics app (available from the iTunes App Store). The following titles are available, each priced at $1.99:

- Ex Machina Special #1, 2
- Justice League of America Vol. 3 #3
- Starman Vol. 2 #14, 24
-Tom Strong #1, 2

If you'd rather read these comics on a larger screen--good news: comics you buy on your portable devices are available to view on your computer when you're on the Comixology site! Click HERE to learn more.



Chris Ryall said...

Hi, Chris--

I realize this isn't the best place to leave a note for you but I can't find easy contact info for you.
I'm the Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing and had a question about a possible big assignment I wanted to run by you. My e-mail is



The Man said...

Hi Chris, Been a fan of your work since I saw your adaptation of Foster's "Splinter of the Mind's Eye" many moons ago. Just wanted to get your opinion on the whole digital comics thing-what are your thoughts on the subject-have been wrestling with the idea myself while developing my own projects...

Chris & Xan said...

As a comics professional, I'm pleased the companies are finally on board. Better late than never! Fans have been reading comics digitally for years, but it'll be nice to be paid for it now. I am very pleased that Comixology will let you read any comics you buy on your portable device to be viewed on your computer and vice versa. I was worried about that when I first started reading up on the app. I don't mind reading comics on my computer at all, but I definitely find myself straining my eyes when reading them on a tiny screen. That may have a lot to do with me needing new glasses, though...I just realized I've only read one digital comic specifically created for the digital market on a small device, and that was much more pleasant than reading standard comics which have been re-formatted...

As a comics reader, I have to admit I still prefer the less officially sanctioned reader apps and file types to Comixology. Easier navigation and more personally customizable reading experience, mostly. As a tinkerer, I also like that I can make my own cbr or cbz comic compilations or put together a book of nothing but my favorite covers using Comic Zeal, for example, and that they take up a lot less space on my iPod Touch than Comixology files (without sacrificing very much picture resolution if any at all).

One other thought: I wonder if the explosion of tablet devices other than the iPad will be a boon for digital comics... Nothing against the iPad, but cheaper tablets = more people using tablets, i would imagine.