Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Hardcover

The Deluxe Collection of the Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series hits the stands today. As I've mentioned in other posts, the slightly over-seized hardcover collects the entire series written by Grant Morrison and drawn by myself and several other fine comic artists and features all six variant covers as well as a sketchbook section. Recently, the official DC Comics blog, The Source, asked me to write a brief piece about what it was like working on the project. Click HERE to read it. Above is a piece of mine that made it into the sketchbook selection (a self-rejected first take of Bruce Wayne's return to striking fear into the hearts of the cowardly and superstitious) and below is a piece I submitted for inclusion that didn't make the final cut (my layouts for the double-page spread of caveman Vandal Savage's camp).



Jacob Maraia said...

Beautiful stuff!

I love seeing the attention to detail you add in your pencils. I've got some of your rough stuff from Supreme, and seeing the work you're doing now on Tom Strong and Bruce Wayne is pretty damn cool.



Art Man said...

Love the pencils lotsa energy in them. Do u draw straight away or collect references much before or during conceptual sketches please?

Chris & Xan said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Art Man, check out these older posts for my process:

In general, I reference the heck out of anything real (historical settings/artifacts/people, any other real-worlld settings and objects, animals and on and on)out of a quest for accuracy in my drawing and so as not to throw a reader off with poorly drawn something-or-other that they know well such as a car or a dog. I also shoot my own photo reference for tricky figure poses. Hope this answers your questions, but if not, feel free to ask some more!