Saturday, July 01, 2006

June was a month of reconnecting...We started this blog for one thing, getting a few reponses from old and new friends ( Hi, Hiroshi! Hi, Leighton!). Xan and I also had a nice visit with my family, our first in a long, long time. My Uncle Jim from Wisconsin visited us last week as well--lots of fun!

Here are some recent photos:

Top: Xan & Shannon.
Center: Xan & my dad at Harper's Ferry.
Bottom: the family looks at who knows what while Xan looks at me.

When we weren't working, travelling or entertaining, we spent every spare second with our new little girl. She's still amazingly affectionate and playful(see the photos below). She's had all her shots and gotten a clean bill of health from the vet. Only problem so far is that she chewed through the speaker wires in the studio. I'm now investing in cable organizing tubing.

Sickeningly cute...I can't believe these are the first photos I'm posting of myself!

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