Sunday, October 22, 2006

Take them to...Detroit!!!

On Sunday the 15th Chris and I drove up for the day to the Rock Financial Showplace to look around the fall Motor City Comicon in Novi, Michigan which is just outside of Detroit. Chris has been a guest in years past, but recently we have just been driving up for the day as fans.

This October show is a lot smaller than the show they have in May, but this one was really fun for us. What got us up there initially was the fact that Michael Golden would be there, and maybe doing sketches. He was, but since we arrived around 2pm on the last day, he was not finished by the time the show ended, so he will be mailing it to us. Watch this space-Chris will post it when it arrives.

We didn't purchase much besides the Golden sketch and a bunch of trading card sets. We never go with much cash, because if we take it, we'll spend it. So by time we got around to talking to Lori Petty (pictured with me here) we had no cash left to buy one of her photos. But she was still very fun and talked to us. When I told her how ironic it was that I had just spent my last bit of cash on Tank Girl trading cards, she said "You have Tank Girl trading cards? Shut the f*** up, let me see!"

When I showed her the cards, she said "Do me a favor-go back to where you got these and see if the guy has another set!" So I go back and get the usual story when you want something but the dealer doesn't have it, which is "I have a ton back at my store which I didn't bring!" So I got his contact info and went back to talk to Lori Petty.

I told her that the dealer had no other sets of cards, but I would email him and get more and she could have the set I bought, if she would let me get my photo taken with her. She said "Absolutely, and pick out any photo you want and I will sign it!" So we posed for photos, I picked out a cool press photo of her and Naomi Watts from Tank Girl, and she was just about as nice and fun a celeb as you could hope to meet. I gave her my set of cards, and she starts going into her cash collection from the con, saying "Here, let me give you your $10 for the cards!"

I told her that I would be the worlds biggest b***h if I took money from Tank Girl for Tank Girl trading cards. She laughed, and we talked some more about upcoming cons, then we had to scat because the con was closing, but she was great. If you ever get a chance to meet Lori Petty, take it.

This weekend the 21st and 22 we spent at the Drexel's Horror Marathon, and we ran into Joe Corroney, another comic artist who lives in Columbus. He had also been at Detroit, and said that while in the hotel lobby trying to get the wi-fi connection to work, he ran into Lori Petty who was also having wi-fi issues, and they started talking. She mentioned to him that Motor City was the first convention at which she had ever attended as a guest. I hope she had as much fun as she seemed like she was.

Lori Petty rules. Go rent Tank Girl, A League of Their Own, and Cadillac Man.

The Marathon was your typical marathon, but was only 14 hours instead of the usual 24 that the Sci-Fi marathons are. We had a good time, and I actually stayed awake for the movie I went there to see, which never happens! Usually, I see the opening and end credits of the movie I specifically go to see, but I was awake for all of Black Christmas, which I had never seen. I can see why it is such an influential cult horror classic. The cast is good (even if the dialogue is a little odd at times) and the set is very eerie. And the final 10 minutes were very, very creepy. I didn't expect to be scared by it, but I was, actually. And I was also amazed that I actually enjoyed From Dusk 'Til Dawn. I had never seen it before.

I'm still tired, though.

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blackv8 said...

Hey, Chris!

I hope you read comments on your blog here. I love your work!

Listen, reading about your comic heroes (Golden, Chaykin, Kirby, etc.) I thought you might like to have a digital copy of my sketch collection. I have been collecting sketches for approx. 25 years of the classic Marvel character Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD. Currently, (12/10/06) I have a PDF file of the whole ball of wax at the following torrent tracker site for download:

So, if you have a bittorent client program, you can just grab it there. But if this is all Greek to you, I also would be willing to mail you a CD, drop the file to you by FTP or whatever.

Anyway, the self-serving reason I am willing to do this, of course, is because I want to get a sketch from you too! I understand that you probably can't do a lot of commissions- but what about con appearances here in Texas (I am in the Dallas area). Anyway, just a thought!

Just last month I got some beuatiful sketches (included) by J. Scott Campbell, Steve Epting, David Finch, Ethan Van Sciver, and Paul Gulacy.

If you need to contact me, here's my primary email address: