Monday, October 30, 2006

More Midnighter Stuff

The DC Comics/Wildstorm website has a few cool little things they're using to quasi-promote the release of Midnighter #1 this week(tomorrow, to be precise):

click HERE to be taken to a page of DC/Wildstorm downloads where you can find some Midnighter wallpaper for your computer

click HERE to go to the DC Comics/Wildstorm front page where you can see a goofy little animated Midnighter ad(reminiscent of those awful old Marvel Comics cartoons--or of Minoriteam on Adult Swim for those of you not old enough to remember what I'm talking about). It'll probably be gone in a week, so see it while you can!

Click on this image to see a larger version (or just follow that first link above)


Fogger said...

It's out today - woo!

Hiroshi said...

Read it last night right before bed. Bad idea. It's pretty damn grim! (And I thought WildC.A.T.S/Aliens was "dark".) But that said, it's an excellent story and the art is just drop-dead gorgeous. Already I can't wait for the next issue! Let's see now... Alan Moore, Warren Ellis, Brian K. Vaughn, now Garth Ennis. Well, hang in there, Chris. I'm sure they'll hook you up with a decent writer someday... The Golden cover on the alt version was cool too, but it just makes me wish they'd gone that route with "Ocean" and had both of you guys doing covers. Okay, I'm rambling now... Just wanted to say, "Congratulations!" Fantastic job!

Chris & Xan said...

Thanks! Issue #2 is even better!

L8on said...

I was at the comics shop on Wednesday and there was a guy who said, "I don't know if I should get The Midnighter."

I said, "You should get it. I'm getting it."

He said, "I don't know..."

I said, "Come on! It's Chris Sprouse art!"

And he said, "Yeah, you're right," and picked it up.

I was proud of myself. As I was checking out, though, he put it back and said, "I'll wait for the trade."

Oh well. I tried, Chris! I tried.

L8on said...

I enjoyed the comic, by the way.

And I was glad to see your picture of the Midnighter kicking a guy's head off at the top of the latest weekly comics review at the Invincible Super Blog, which is my favorite dumb comics blog.