Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mike!

In honor of my brother's birthday today, here are
some more ancient Sprouse family slides...

Okay, I was going to make fun of Mike's clothes here, but then I
noticed my own horribly-clad legs over on the right side of the photo...
Anyway, this is Mike playing with our Lhasa Apso Tashi in our house
in New Dheli, India, ca. 1971

Above: Mike with his cat Fluffy, again in India.

That's Mike(on the right) and myself with our haul from Harrod's toy
department, in our cabin aboard the QEII, somewhere in the Atlantic
Ocean between the UK and The US on our way home from India

The fashion crimes continue Stateside, ca. idea what
we're up to here, but I'm sure it falls under the category "no good..."

Hope you have a good one, bro! See you in a few
months in Baltimore.


Strangewingz said...

OMG!!! Talk about a Blast from the past!

You've got to send me a disc with all the pics you have. I don't remember seeing those QE II shots, ever(believe it or not, I still have that football AND the toy WW II soldiers I got at Harrod's. I am such a pack rat).

Why would anyone want to dress in 70's retro? Fashion blew back then and it should NEVER be resurrected! Ever!

Thank you Chris, this really made my day!

Chris & Xan said...

Glad I could! I just added a huge bunch of photos to my MySpace page, including a few more India slides and some other oldies, if you're interested.

Neil Hill said...

Boy, what a childhood- globe hopping and what not. LUCKY!