Saturday, June 09, 2007

Quick Update
A quick post this time around...Friends Shelley and Mark visited at the end of May. We enjoyed some sushi and other treats at a local karaoke bar and took a road trip to Jungle Jim's for some fun food shopping. Later, Xan and I implemented our long-discussed but never acted upon plan to see more movies. We've missed so many in the last few years--I think we'd only been to one single film in the theater so far this year, and that feels like a crime. It can get expensive, sure, but I love seeing films on the big screen! We saw and GREATLY enjoyed Hot Fuzz, a send-up of cop shows/movies by the Shaun of the Dead people, and 28 Weeks Later, a sequel to 28 Days Later that we were both worried was going to be awful.

Today's picture theme seems to be "People sitting next to
unusual plastic things." First up is a shot of friends Shelley and Mark
in front of a giant fiberglass banana outside Jungle Jim's

Next we have a shot of Xan in the lobby of our local cineplex,
cozying up to her second-favorite family

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Neil Hill said...

I haven't seen Hot Fuzz yet, but I certainly plan to when its out on glorious DVD (where I can watch it from the comfort of my couch). Also, that shot of Xan next to Homer- priceless...