Thursday, June 21, 2007

Work Update

It's been quite a while since I posted any work news, so I thought I'd update anyone who cares about such things.

The Spirit story I did with Walter Simonson hit the stands today--go get it--The Spirit #7 from DC Comics! The Jordi Bernet story in that issue is pretty cool also. This particular project was a real challenge--Walter wrote more story than any human being could fit into 8 pages, and I always try to give the writer everything they've written, so it was tough! I got most of it in there, and I'm pretty proud of it...pretty happy to have gotten the chance to work with Walter also, as he's one of my major influences and an amazingly nice guy to boot.

Currently, I'm working on another Midnighter story arc. Keith Giffen is our new writer. I worked with Keith back at the beginning of my career, drawing various Justice League and Legion Of Super-Heroes books he plotted. Here's a design I did for a new recurring character Keith created for Midnighter...

I'll be a guest at two more upcoming comic conventions: Fan Expo 2007 in Toronto, August 24-26, and the Baltimore Comic-Con , September 8-9. Xan and I hope to see some of you at one or the other!



Fogger said...

Mindy, huh? I'll keep an eye out for her in the book. Neat to see a preview!

Neil Hill said...

I enjoyed your Spirit story, Chris, and thought that your story was one of the strongest offerings. I agree with you that the Palmiotti/Jordi Benet story was great also, but unfortunately the Kyle Baker story was a bit of a mess.

Man, I really CAN NOT wait for your return on Midnighter! Admittedly I'm not a huge Midnighter fan, but I like the look of the character under your visual guidance. Hopefully the Giffen run in a few issues will take things in new directions.

BTW, love the character design!