Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recent Photos

Xan with Vala, friend Sara's new baby girl, in Kettering, OH. She's quite the little squirmy wormy, always kicking and talking and just can't seem to wait to use her body to it's maximum potential.

Lazy Sunday. Sometimes, just watching the cat sleep is enough to put me to sleep.

The 35th Annual Columbus ComFest at Goodale Park, a good time as usual. Especially the chicken nachos with Jose Madrid salsa! Taken with my phone's camera since I forgot my "real" camera...kind of looks like a pin-hole photograph to me...
--C & X


Neil Hill said...

Wow, Xan, you look suprisingly at home with a baby on your lap! Could be time to have one of your own, eh? (kidding, kidding) :0D

Udanax said...

haha...never! i look so comfortable because that isn't my baby! :) i am still quite content being the cool aunt.

okay, maybe just the aunt.