Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Art Added

I just received my share of the Andy Smith-inked pages from Number Of The Beast and I've added them to the art sales site, SprouseNet Art Emporium. The panel above is from page 18 of issue #6, which is one of the new additions.

My copies of the first
Tom Strong Deluxe Collection were delivered yesterday--astonishingly early, as that book won't be in stores for another month. It's a nice-looking collection with previously unpublished extra material in the back, including my oldest surviving sketches of Tom, Tesla and Pneuman. It's very cool to have such a large chunk of the series (a full 1/3, the first twelve issues) in one book. Look for it in your local comic or book store starting Sept. 16. As a bonus, there's a tiny little preview of art from Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom in the back of the book...

Speaking of September, we finally received our tickets and itinerary for our trip to Aviles, Spain. We'll be there for a
comics festival from Sept. 6-14. Come out and say "Hola!" if you're in the North of Spain that week!

Cover art for Tom Strong Deluxe Collection Vol.1



Cap A said...
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Jaume Vaquer said...

See you in Avil├ęs. Hope you bring some original art with you!

The Korinthian said...

See you soon as I said some months ago!
I will need to take a look to your original pages, as well as to talk about your great Modern Masters Volume (I finished reading it today).Bye!

-Javier Cuevas

Chris & Xan said...

I will definitely have my art with me, as long as the airline cooperates!