Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Update - Art and More

I just added four new pieces of art to the SprouseNet Art Emporium site: the Tom Strong prelim you see above, a Midnighter prelim, and two pencil pages I abandoned/rejected from Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom. I know--I still haven't shown any art from the series, but these rejects provide a glimpse of what's to come.

In other news, I had a good birthday at the end of last month. I had a fun night of pizza and trivia games with Xan's family--Xan's mom has a birthday the day before mine, so it was a double celebration. On Thursday, Xan showered me with excellent gifts: season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica on DVD, a brand new BSG "making-of" book, a rare Jason Falkner CD, and a great new art/messenger bag that I hope to be using for years! The bag has a compartment large enough for comic art pages, a padded laptop section, and about a million little pockets and holders for pens, pencils and other art supplies--I love it! The two of us then hit the road for a day full of geek-centric shopping, a long-standing birthday tradition for us. We started off by hitting a few local antique/vintage collectible malls. After the last post Xan wrote, it's probably pretty obvious what she was hoping to find! I enjoy browsing through these kinds of places because I often find cool unexpected treasures, from old toys and other collectibles to antique art supplies. Mostly, it's just good nostalgic fun--antique stores are in the Sprouse blood--my Dad's family has owned and run an vintage furniture and collectible store for close to forty years--and the look and smell of such places sends me right back to summer vacations in Charlottesville. Anyway, Xan ended up coming away with a great bracelet form a vintage jewelry dealer and I kept the Battlestar Galactica theme of this birthday going when I found an old lighter just like the one used by Edward James Olmos in that series. One of my few remaining hobbies is collecting sci-fi movie and TV props, so the lighter was a really nice discovery! Next, we hit some used music and movie stores for some more rummaging, then it was on to a dinner of enchiladas and tacos at a local Mexican restaurant. I hate being (ugh!) middle-aged, but birthdays like this one help soften the blow!



mattcrap said...

You always do such a bang-up job on these group shots.

Do you ever offer up your services to non-published books? We've gotta book that we self publish and sell online. We've got one issue out and another one available shortly. Would you be open to discussing a commission based on the characters in our book?

Here's my email If you want to send me a note, I can give you an idea of what I'm thinking, if you think you could be interested.


Chris & Xan said...

Thanks, Matt! I'm currently signed to an exclusive contract with Wildstorm/DC, so I can't do any published work for other companies. I'll let you know if and when I'm not under contract in the future!

Udanax said...

i'm so glad you had a nice bday, sweetie. i love you! as for that lighter, it's too bad it won't light......but then again, what does?

mattcrap said...

Thanks Chris- sorry I didn't know you had a deal. If they're smart they won't let you out of that, but if they ever do, I'll hit you up again.

azhar said...

at last got my copy of modern masters vol 21: chris so excited and arouse reading it..

you make my day Chris..

now learning how to simplified pencil and ink like you.