Monday, May 17, 2010

Podcasts & Other Interviews!

While signing a couple of hundred copies of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 at Challengers Comics in Chicago last week, I was interviewed three times! Two were audio interviews for podcasts and one was for I'll provide links below, updating them as they're posted--only two are up so far. You can right click and save the podcasts to your computer as mp3 files you can transfer to your mp3 player, or click normally to have the podcasts play in your internet browser.

The Legion of Substitute Podcasters (Hear me being edgy and nervous at the beginning of the signing, talking to Matt Kramer about the Legion of Super-Heroes and my time on Legionnaires!) (Kiel Phegley interviews me early on in the day about my previous and current Bat-work. Be warned: I commit egregious crimes against grammar and the English language in general, due mainly to my anxiety about the impending signing and over-caffeination! Not for English teachers or the faint of heart!)

The Word Balloon Podcast



Matt Kramer said...

Thanks Chris! I had a great time talking with you and really appreciate putting this up here!

Johnny Sarcastic said...

I just read your interview at ... I've got to say, you're definitely your own harshest critic. I don't even typically read "Batman" at all, but couldn't resist picking this up... you did a hell of a job! Your Batman OWNS pre-history.