Monday, May 17, 2010

Recent Road Trip Photo Gallery
Planet Comicon - Kansas City, KS

Xan meets Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's

Jane Wiedlin's panel, with Tone Rodriguez,
Bill Morrison and Tony Fleecs
promoting Lady Robotika, a new comic about
a character based on Jane herself

Steve Scott, Renee Witterstaetter, Michael
Golden and Joe Jusko in Artists Alley

Jeff Moy!

Phil Noto!

Patricia and Herb Trimpe!

Jai Nitz stops by my table

Xan is VERY happy with her newest sketch,
courtesy of Michael Golden!
Much thanks to
Renee for helping us with this and for taking
he photo.

Xan and Renee at the post-show dinner
(another photo courtesy of Renee)

Joe Jusko and Don Rosa at Sunday's
post-show meatfest--er, dinner!

Free Comic Book Day at Packrat Comics - Hilliard, OH

Lots more kids in attendance than I've seen
Hope for the future of comics!

Xan's old friend Nebbie behind the counter

Our new friend Matt hangs out with Xan
in the artists alley room,
probably talking about
Batman villains...

Matt gets a sketch of a Tom Strong villain from me

Return of Bruce Wayne Signing at Challengers Comics - Chicago, IL

The impressive Challengers Comics storefront,
decorated for the day--a big surprise for me!

Sketching and signing, as usual...
Thank goodness the book shipped on time!

Xan and I after the signing. I'm ready to crash
hard at this point!


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