Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tom Strong in a Music Video
(don't blink or you'll miss it)!

Indie or Alternative or whatever rock band (and former Ohioans) The National just released a music video for their song "Terrible Love" which was filmed on the band's current tour. Xan and I saw them play here in Columbus a couple of months ago, so I watched the video hoping to spot some live footage filmed at that show. About 50 seconds in, there's a scene with one of the band members hanging out in a comic shop. I will now shamefacedly admit (again) that anytime I see some piece of film or video of a comic shop I try to spot one of my own books on the racks (I posted about this a while back when Xan spotted a copy of a Tom Strong trade paperback on Big Bang Theory--click HERE for that). I can't be the only comics guy who does that...but if I am, then you are welcome to call me pathetic...Anyway, I spotted a copy of the After Watchmen...What's Next? version of Tom Strong #1 over on the left side of the frame. I've posted the video above and some screencaps below along with the comic's cover. Enjoy!


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Unknown said...

Pretty awesome. A little subliminal advertising.