Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sprouse Family Visit
My parents just began a road trip across a pretty big chunk of the country, with many stops in the Midwest. They're bringing their grandkids along, and this weekend they all stayed with us on their first stopover in the Midwest. I caught up with Mom & Dad, while Xan and the kids had all kinds of Nintendo fun.

Wii party!

Jess-Belle inspecting the luggage

Wii boxing wears the kids out before bedtime

Jess-Belle and Grandpa taking a snooze...
sort of a companion photo to the one from last Christmas with Xan's dad


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Neil Hill said...

Ah, fun with the relatives! My parents are pretty much homebody's and live locally, so I rarely get the chance to entertain out of town 'kin'- except on the rare occasion that in-laws visit us here in AZ.