Thursday, July 12, 2007

Since my birthday post about the Creature From The Black Lagoon, people have asked me about the rest of my Pez Collection. Today, I bought some more shelving and now have most of it on display so I thought I would finally take some photos! This isn't the entire collection, since I have a few things that I haven't found a good way to display yet. The NASCAR cars, the Pez-A-Saur car, and my Pez Pens have proven difficult to display in a way that satisfies me, and my Pez spaceman lunchbox is with the other lunchboxes. It has a thermos and is super cool. I also don't keep the holiday dispensers in with the main collection since we use them as holiday decorations. But this is most of it! I'll post the holiday photos when the holiday is upon us. I may post some other images later, or on my MySpace page later.

For some reason Blogger isn't putting the photos in the order I would like, and I am not in the mood to deal with the HTML code to make it happen.

These are my Muppet Giant Pez, standing guard over my Henson book collection. The Doozer is plush, not Pez.

And of course, the Star Wars Giant Pez. They all play the Star Wars theme when you tilt back the heads, except for the shiny C3PO which speaks dialogue. The Death Star lights up, making it my favorite, even though it is just a ball.

These are the rest of the Giants, plus the recent "box sets"-Elvis, of course (70s Elvis is the best as it has a lot of detail on the collar), Orange County Choppers and the Crystal Hello Kitty collection. Not really all that into the Crystal Pez, but I liked this one. There are 2 Homer's because one talks, one doesn't. The Marge talks, and so does the Alligator. The Spider-Man plays the Spider-Man theme, and the Lost in Space robot is my favorite of all the Giant Pez. The Pineapple is actually a coin bank. It is a reproduction of a very rare line of dispensers from the 70s.

I keep the Yoda Pez with the Yoda collection. Chris and I of course like to tell people that we collect "Yodas n'shit" when they see this collection. Yes, that is a copy of "April Fools Day" there on the DVD shelf.

These photos are of the main collection. It is hard to get the whole thing in one image because the shelving is on the walls at the bottom of the stairway. Since it is in the corner and to back up far enough to get it all in one shot would mean moving the refrigerator, I just took separate photos.



Strangewingz said...

Good Gravy! Thats a lot of Pez!

I guess I'll have to print out these photos and carry them with me so when I see Pez I can verify if you need them or not ;)

How do you keep them from falling over; especially with the one, the only amazing climbing Jess Belle?

Yodas n'shit- that made me laugh!

Udanax said...

well, if someone hapless and careless like the cable guy knocks into them, they do fall like dominoes. otherwise, they are pretty stable. and jess-belle has not seemed to notice them yet. i hope that stays that way!

Strangewingz said...

Try using some of the dual sided scrapbook tape on the bottoms.

It comes in dispensers that allow you to pull off small squares that should fit perfectly!

Neil Hill said...

That is one incredible collection, Xan! I genuflect to your superior display and collecting ability. And I thought my studio full of action figures earlier in the year (most of which I've since sold on eBay to clear out some space) was something to behold- you put that to serious shame, girl! :-D

BTW, those Star Wars Pez are really nice! I've seen them at stores over the years, but seeing them displayed altogether like this really makes them look 'smart'.

Udanax said...

thanks for the props neil! i owe it all to that rad shelving. those can be purchased at the container store, they're called tchotchkie shelves. they were the perfect size as they are not too deep. the giant pez are on cupboard organizers for your cans, also the container store.