Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne Art
Got home from the Planet Comicon in Kansas City (more on that subject coming soon) to find that both the official DC Comics blog and Newsarama.com have posted a little preview of Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1. Click HERE and HERE to see the two pages in high-rez (look at the gorgeous inks by Karl Story!!). Click HERE to see the art again, plus all of Andy Kubert's covers for the entire series. When you've tired of looking at artwork, maybe you can scroll down to the Newsarama comments section and get in on the heady debate over our depiction of giant prehistoric bats--apparently some people can accept time travel, immortality and invulnerable aliens from Krypton (subjects also depicted in our story) as plausible but giant prehistoric bats are just way over the top...You'll find many other thought-provoking reactions in the comments section as well, my favorites being "it looks retarded" and "Shirtless Batman. SOLD!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #1 Cover

Seems my work is all over the DC/Wildstorm blogs this morning...The variant cover for issue #1 of the Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne mini-series was posted HERE today and I've reposted it above. Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I don't like very much of my own work, but I really like this cover! It was inked by Karl Story and colored by the amazing Dave McCaig, whose colors I came to love on Next Wave by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen.

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom Officially Announced/Scheduled At Last!

Woke up today to find this on the official Wildstorm blog:




Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Peek at Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom

Editor Ben Abernathy tells me that the new Tom Strong mini-series, Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom is FINALLY going to be solicited for publication soon, with plans to have the first issue ship in either June or July. Hopefully you'll start seeing artwork and some serious promotion any day now. Until then, HERE'S a link to letterer Todd Klein's blog/website which features a panel (same as the one above, from page 2 of issue #2) and a few nice words about my and writer Peter Hogan's work on the book.