Saturday, March 24, 2007

Jess-Belle Wants To Rock And Roll All Night...

I know the above is awfully similar to the photo below, but I couldn't resist. While flipping channels last night we landed on VH1 Classic and something about the pyrotechnics or all the shiny leather and metal caught Jess-Belle's eye...or maybe it was the music. Should I be more worried about her appreciation of classic Kiss or her growing TV addiction?


Neil Hill said...

Felines are so attuned to visually interesting stimuli (especially fast moving, lots of variety and texture to explore) that it doesn't surprise me something like KISS would attract Jess-Belle's attention. :-)

Strangewingz said...

Well you know what KISS stands for, right?

-Kittens In Satans Service!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)