Friday, May 30, 2008

Number Of The Beast #4

Beastly super-villains from NOTB #4 in pencil form(okay, some of them are downright goofy, like Stinkbug, but I think Ragamuffin and The Skeleton Crew are kind of creepy)

The latest issue of Number Of The Beast, issue #4, is out! Four more character bios w/designs in the back of the book again--and even I learned something this time: winged super-heroines The Thrush and Falconette are mother and daughter! Scott Beatty and I had never talked about this, but it works! 


Kyle Latino said...

Man, not only am I loving this book, but you guys are spoiling me with this bi-weekly thing. I'm eat'n it up!

Actually, not in spite, but because of the sardonic tone, the book is surprisingly profound at points. This issue in particular.

1coyote said...

I am truly amazed at how you can top yourself with each issue of this. Been a fan since your legion of superheroes days and you keep getting better. Did you and Beatty get together on the characters together or did he give you a rough idea with what he wanted and you took it from there? My favorites are Engine Joe and Honeybee.

Keep knocking it out of the park!