Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Number Of The Beast #7

Surprise attack! From my "layouts" for NOTB #7

The seventh issue of Number Of The Beast is at your local comic shop tomorrow, delayed one day because of the holiday. Only one more issue to go!

I also updated the PlanktonPod playlist today with a few more summer-themed songs in commemoration of the sweltering weather we've been having here (interrupted by temporary bouts of thunder storms). The first song on the list is "The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count" by The Divine Comedy, a favorite from the days when Xan and I met, followed by an oldie from Yo La Tengo. The last new addition is a rarity by R.E.M., from one of their earliest fanclub flexi-discs. Check it out!


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guido said...

I'd be interested in seeing a comparison before-and-after of "pencils" and a before-and-after of "layouts."