Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Original Art

One of the pieces of original art I kept for myself from ABC A-Z #1. Check out that gorgeous Karl Story inking! I wish all of that Tom Strong merchandise in the top left panel really existed...

Just took a look at what pages of mine art dealer Jim Warden has for sale on his site (click HERE) and it's kind of making me regret not keeping more Tom Strong pages for myself. I only kept a few from the early issues because I was so unsatisfied with my work then and later went through some lean times when it would have been self-destructive to hoard pages I could sell. I was quite happy with the final few issues of the series that I drew and kept quite a bit from them(including all of the pencil art from the "painted" sequence from the final story), and I kept most of the pages from the ABC A-Z book, which were all double-page spreads or full-page splashes and my favorite Tom Strong artwork ever published(technically-speaking). Oh, least I have my photocopies to help me get through fits of nostalgia like this!

A pencilled page from my personal collection, from the "painted" portion of the final Tom Strong issue, #36. Done pretty much the same way as my layouts for final issues of Number Of The Beast (see my last post below).

Xan just promised me she'd write something about the trip to Canada she took while I locked myself up in the studio for one final Number Of The Beast drawing marathon recently. That's something to look forward to for all of the less comic book-centric readers of this blog! It'll be a nice change!


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Funny Book Jr. said...

Hi Chris,
I'm happy to say I am an owner of a couple of pages of your originals. I don't have any from Tom Strong, but I've got a couple of sequential pages from your Supreme run. No action, just some nice quiet scenes (at which you excel). Really enjoying reading your blog, although I admit to being behind, but it's fun to catch up.

Take care,
Chris Ferguson
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