Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Quick Comics Update

Above: a Tom Strong drawing from my sketchbook

As of this week, there are currently three new books on the racks at your local comic book shop featuring my work: WildC.A.T.S. #11, Authority #11, and a new trade paperback edition of Ocean featuring a new sketchbook section and a few new character design sheets that didn't make the first edition.

I am currently still hard at work on Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom. I'm also spending some time tonight and this weekend compiling previously unpublished art for inclusion in the three forthcoming Tom Strong deluxe hardcover collections. That's right--good news for the SprouseNet readers wondering about the content and format of these slightly over-sized books: I can now tell everyone that Wildstorm is planning to collect the entire series in three volumes, with lots of extras and new cover art. I can't wait to see these things myself!

The PlanktonPod has a new playlist now. It's currently loaded with a Jason Falkner playlist. Falkner is a criminally underrated power pop artist whose work is maddeningly difficult to find in U.S. stores, but it's almost all available on iTunes or at check it out!



TS said...

Awesome! I'm also counting the minutes 'til the new Tom Strong books are out, and likewise for The Robots of Doom mini. Good time to be a fan!

Khaled Abou Alfa said...

Fantastic news Chris. Really excited about new Tom Strong work, which in my mind is easily your best work (although your Supreme stuff was great, TS just seemed like you were enjoying yourself immensely).

Has Peter captured the tone and feel of the cast?

Guido Cuadros F.A. said...

Hey man, how are you dear Chris Sprouse, that's what's incredible about internet. Here i am , writing directly to one of my favorite comic artists ever into his own blog, i can't believe it!

I discovered this place through the post of newsarama, commenting this last post of yours! I am so happy that Tom Strong is coming back, foremost if YOU, the co-creator, are working on the book.

I have a lot of illusions, because Peter Hogan is a great writer, and i liked the 3 stories he wrote for the original run ( i have the 6 books of Tom Strong in softcover versions) and your art in those stories was AMAZING!.

Chris, congratulations man, you are a big artist, i know that comparisons are unnecesary, but i find you a better artist than for example Jim Lee or Hitch or i don't know man, those '' big star famous artists'' or whatever.

As i said, with you and Hogan working on the book, everything is going to be wonderful. I was a little bit dissapointed after reading the ''post-Moore-top 10- season two-series'' by Cannon and Ha. Something was missing there, it was kinda soulless, kinda like something was missing there, besides, the story didn't even came to a conclusion in the last chapter!

But in this case, as i said before, i am so happy because with you and Hogan on it, it's going to be Tom Strong 100%, i liked so much the stories you made together for the first series : Moonday (hey are we ever going to see the moon-beatiful-vampire-daughter of Tom Strong again, that would be wonderful!), Snow Queen and Cold Calling were great too, i loved the characters and the stories! So, i am not worried about anything in this upcoming miniseries man!

Sorry if i am writing too much, but i am excited! As you have may noticed, english is not my first language. I am a fan of PERÚ, south america. Well, i invite you and all of the readers of this blog to visit my blog about comics, well, if you want to practice your spanish, that could work!

Thanks for everything Chris Sprouse and i will be writing again, beautiful blog! I am so in love with tesla strong, and with dhalua, you draw them so perfectly!

Guido Cuadros F.A.
Lima, Perú.

Chris & Xan said...

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I'm glad you're all excited about Tom Strong's return! I guarantee that you're not half as excited as I am--this story has been a blast. Peter Hogan has written a fantastic script, and don't worry, Guido--it's not soulless at all--it has some very emotional moments which took me by surprise! Peter seems to know these characters inside and out, and he's made Tom's love of his family and what he's willing to do for them a huge part of the story. Wildstorm is going to start promoting this series pretty soon and I should be getting the okay from the powers that be to start showing art any day now...

Guido Cuadros F.A. said...

Hello Chris!

Guido here - a big big fan of yours-, back again!

I just've published a large post in my blog about the return of Tom Strong and Robots of Doom mainly, and also commenting about the post-Moore future of the ABC line, etc.

I think that maybe you could take a second of your valious time to check it out, i mean, if you just check it for a minute it would be very important for me. Doesn't matter if you don't understand anything -well, everyhing is written in Spanish- but i suposse it's nice and curious to see something written about you and your work in another language!

well Chris, here's the link, take care and see you soon!: