Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Projects

While finishing up Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom, I've done a few small jobs here and there. Below is the pencil art for the second Tom Strong Deluxe Edition (which collects Tom Strong issues 13-24 and features some bonus material), scheduled to ship in April of next year. Above is the pencil art for a couple of covers for the Wildstorm books WildC.A.T.S. and The Authority which form one single large image when placed side by side. I have no details yet on which issues will feature these covers or when they'll hit the stands. I've posted the preliminary layout art for these covers on the art sales blog as well.


Kyle Latino said...

Very cool. The Apollo looks 'Tothy' in the eyes, good look for him.

Also, I just picked up an issue of JSA Quarterly for which you did the interiors. Fun fun stuff!

Art said...

Fantastic, man, simply fantastic.

Fogger said...

Wow, the cover prelim is already gone.