Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid-Ohio Con Charity Auction
My post on last year's Mid-Ohio Con featured some photos of me drawing on stage(click HERE or scroll down a few posts to see the photos). Well, the Tom and Tesla Strong piece I drew that day is being auctioned off right now on ebay. The auction is raising money for the Hero Initiative, a nonprofit organization that creates a financial safety net for comic creators who need emergency medical aid, financial support for the essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. I lifted this description of the Hero Initiative from the official Mid-Ohio Con blog, which has more info on the auction and how you can take part, as well as a slide show of images of all of the artwork and other items being auctioned. Check it out!

Another photo of me working on the charity piece, thanks to Ed Boren


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Kevin Greene said...

Just wanted to tell you... I've been a long time fan (Legionnaires) but I've just gone on a Sprouse/Tom Strong binge the last couple of months. I bought Books 3,4 and 5 of Tom Strong, Ocean and your Modern Masters book and I'm trying to finish my Number of the Beast collection (I don't know how but I missed the last 5 issues of that). Great, great stuff. And you were born in my mother's hometown (which I have visited and seen grow quite a bit over the years). Love your work. I'm definitely looking at those original pages as well. Just wanted to drop you a nice line. You're an inspiration.